ready honeycomb
We are Honeycomb999 and we design and manufacture products which help beekeepers to make comb honey as simply as possible, and without having to change their existing equipment. Our main product is the section for comb honey. It’s made from birch or aspen and so is completely natural. We also supply bags and boxes for packaging the finished product

And now let’s show you how easy it is to use our sections in an unmodified British National frame.

Each section has special slots to slide foundation through:
1) Take the frame and place the section in it
Image Place section into the frame
2) Then slide in a strip of foundation
Image Slide in a strip of foundation
3) Repeat this five times to fill the frame and then secure with staples or nails. Staples are easier to remove
Image Secure with staples
4) Before putting the frame into the super we secure it again along the bottom
Image Secure it again along the bottom
5) After the bees have done their work and the sections are full of comb honey, we need to take them out and pack them
For this you can use any sharp knife to simply cut around the section and then
Image Take sections out of the frame
6) Push it out
Image Push section out of the frame
7) Then put the section into the cellophane bag to prevent any leakage, folding the edge of the bag underneath it
Image Place section into a bag
8) And now put it into the box and here it is, a piece of the hive ready to give away or sell, not cut, spun or heated, just completely natural comb honey!
Image Ready Comb Honey

Detailed description of our sections:

Material – Birch/Aspen
Weight - 20 (+ - 5) grams
Size - 114X67X37 (+-1) mm
Thickness – 2mm (+-0,3) mm
Holds honey - 200 (+ - 30) gram
packaging for sections packaging for sections packaging for sections