I have a non-standard super. Can I still use your sections?
Yes. You can use them using the housing system like we showed on a video for Langstroth. You will need to make and isntall a support grid. After you put in all of the sections into the super you might end up with a space on the side that you will need to close with a wooden plank. Size of a section is 114X67X37 mm. You can measure the size of the super and calculate how many sections will fit into the super and whether you will have space left on the side
Why are your sections rectangular and not square?
We had a consulation with english bee farmers. They suggested to have a smaller size as filled sections of a smaller size sell faster as they cost less
How do you remove the comb sections out of the frame given that you've stapled them in?
The sections are not stapled into the frame. They are held in place by the foundation with in the sections. When you cut the edge of the foundation the sections can be removed.
Can the sections be reused if I am not selling them?
Yes, eat the comb and put the section back into the hive.
Can you please tell me the size of individual foundation pieces I need to cut
Foundation size is 59mm x 26mm